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Looking to mix up your gym workout? FITZONE has you covered with group fitness classes designed for maximum results—and maximum fun! We offer a diverse selection of group fitness classes catering to all fitness levels and interests. Whether you’re seeking to build strength and core stability, burn calories with pure cardio, or find a mind-body connection through stretching and movement, we have the perfect class for you. Dive into the rhythm with our Dance Fitness or crank up the intensity with BodySculpt, all while enjoying the encouragement and support of your fellow fitness enthusiasts. For a low-impact experience, explore our Water Fitness classes, perfect for building strength and endurance without stress on your joints. With over 20 classes a week at most FITZONE locations, it’s easy for you to keep your workouts fresh and achieve your goals.

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BodySculpt: Group weight training at its best. This class uses a barbell that ranges in weight from 5-40lbs along with high repetition. You’ll leave feeling challenged and motivated. Music type - Upbeat and Loud

BodyKombat: an exercise class that lets you punch and kick your way towards your fitness goals. Not only is it a great whole-body workout for cardio fitness, but it's also superb for burning fat, releasing stress and improving your co-ordination.

BodyFit: Full body workout utilizing weights and bands. This class is an overall combination class that is great for all fitness levels.


Pilates: This class is designed to train the body in proper alignment using the strength of the smaller muscles to develop balance throughout the body. Music type - Easy Listening


PiYo: A fusion of strength and flexibility mat classes that combines Pilates, yoga, and strength conditioning. Music type - Variety and Medium Volume


Tribalates: A mind-body movement class utilizing Pilates and belly dance elements that are driven by powerful rhythms and beats. Increases balance and flexibility while feeling more connected, empowered, and focused. Music type - Variety and Medium to Loud


Zumba: Grooving to the beats from around the world, this cardio fitness class feels more like dance party than a workout! Easy to follow choreography that will give you a total body workout with a serious dose of awesomeness. Music type - International and Loud


Zumba Gold: A lower-intensity version of the typical Zumba class and was designed to meet the anatomical, physiological and psychological needs of seniors. Zumba Gold will help provide a suitable option for older adults or those who need lower impact exercise, an alternative means of reaching their fitness goals.


Senior Circuit: These 30 min workouts are designed and guided by our Certified Personal Trainers utilizing the machines and equipment in the gym.


SilverSneakers: Designed with easy-to-follow movements, this class is suitable for nearly every fitness level! Get stronger, improve balance, increase range of motion, and improve activities for daily life! Music type – Easy Listening


U-Jam: Combines the energy and grittiness of urban dance with fitness, U-Jam is a cardio dance experience that brings funky, adrenaline based beats from around the world with easy-to-follow choreography, so everyone, everywhere can get their Jam on. Music type - International and Loud


PowerX Bootcamp: Power-X Bootcamp combines a variety of tried and true methods such as high volume, high intensity, resistance training, interval training and split methods to name a few! All fitness levels are welcome and no matter where you are in your fitness journey, there is a spot for YOU.


Pop-Up Classes: These classes are a variety of different formats that are not regularly scheduled. These offer members the opportunity to experience and engage in something new and exciting.


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